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At Chico's Grooming Spa we offer a full array of professional dog grooming services for your furry child. With 10 years of experience, our pet salon wants to give your pets the full furry body treatment so that they can look their very best everyday.

Our grooming room is just the right size to not have too many dogs in the room at one time with plenty of soft lighting. It is climate controlled for wet dogs, with just the right amount of moisture in the air, humidifier controlled. We use all natural products. Each pet groomer at Chico's Grooming Spa is certified and experienced enough to do everything from a simple bath and brush to a show groom. Our bath and brush includes pet nail trimming, anal gland expression and ear cleaning. We can also do health treatments such as a flea baths and mud facials. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that your pup will be leaving our salon squeaky clean and ready to go.

In addition to our grooming services, we offer dog walking assistance for those who are unable to. At Chico's Grooming Spa, we understand that you have a busy schedule to keep up with. So let us help make life simpler by taking your dog out for a brisk walk so you can focus on your day-to-day activities!

Chico's Grooming Spa offers a complete line of fine grooming services to bring out the best of appearance and personality in your pet. We work carefully, never rush, and do not overbook appointments. We always take our time and do it right. Contact us in Frederick, CO today to get started.


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